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An overview of Shree Mangesh Devasthan / Mangeshi

Shree Mangesh temple or also called Mangeshi is among the oldest temples of Gomantak area.
Located at 22 Kms from Panajim (26 Kms from Margao) at Priol-Ponda Taluka this temple is on a hillock surrounded by green hills. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Temple was originally located at Kushastali (Cortalim) on the banks of river Aghanashini and was shifted to present place in 1560 A.D. The Mahajanas belong to Vatsa and Kaundinya Gotras having surnames Shenoy, Bhandary, Rajadhyaksha, Dalavi, Bhise etc. Annual Jatra of the Saunsthan is celebrated from Magha Panchami onwards. Navaratri and Shivaratri are observed grandly with Makharotsava, etc. The temple has Agrashalas with well equipped rooms for the benefit of yatris.

Shree Parushuram had brought along with him 66 brahmins and had them settled in gomantak area. In these 66 brahmins were two brahmins of Vatsya and Kaudinya gotra who brought along with them their kul diavat shree Mangesh and had their diety installed in Kushastali which is now called Kuttal or Kudthali. Shree Devsharma is the Mul purush of Vatsya gotra and shree Shivsharma is the Mul purush of Kaudinya gotra.

A brief history about Shree Mangesh or Lord Shiva in Kushastali is as below:

Once shree Jagadamba devi was going through this area in search of lord Shiva. Lord shiva with the intension of freighting shree Jagadamba took the form a tiger. Shree Jagadamba devi on seeing this tiger got afraid and said 'mam girish trahi'. But as she was frieghtened on seeing the tiger the words sounded as 'Mangirish'. Then lord Shiva as per the wishes of shree Jagadamba devi assured her that he would now be called as shree Mangirish in this area and thus lord Shiva came into being here in the form of a shivling near a small mountain place. This small shivling was later found and worshipped by Shivsharma. From that time onwards this shivling/shree Mangesh became popular as shree Mangirish.

The other dieties in the temple are as given :

In the main garbakud is the shivling. In front of garbakud on the sangam stone seat is the Mul purush shree Devsharma who is in sitting a pose with hands folded as praying to shree Mangesh and has shreephal [fruit] in his the hands. Behind shree Devsharma is shree Nandishwar . The original shree Nandi murti is now kept near the nagarkhana. And in the temple is the aluminium made murti of shree Nandi. And on the right side of shree Mangesh murti is the murti of shree Ganpati and on the left side is the murti of shree Bhagwati devi. Behind the temple is shree Mulkeshwar in the form of a shela [stone]. On the right side of shree Mulkeshwar temple are two small temples. In one is shree Veerbhatt in the form of a ling and shree Santeri devi and in the other temple is shree Laxminarayan whose murti is in silver and shree Garud. There is also the murti of shree Kalbhairav in a standing pose at the ground floor of the nagarkhana which is facing shree Mangesh. In front of the temple mahadvar is the murti of shree Shetrapal in the form of a shela [stone]. On the right side of the talav [lake] is the small temple of shree Santeri Devi.