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History of Agarashala

Just as Shree Naroram Mantri got the inspiration to build the beautiful temple for the Devi, Shree Ramachandra Malhar Sukhatankar got the inspiration to build Agarshala (guest house) for the benefit of the Devi's devotees travelling from far places to seek her blessings. The Agarshala built by him two decades back had become old and was in need of repairs. It was also not found to be suitable for the present style of living. The inspiration to repair and renovate the Agarshala was received by one of her devotees, Shree Durgarao Shantaram Borker, an Engineer by profession. After inspecting the Agarshala he felt that instead of repairing the old Agarshala, it would be better to build a new Agarshala having self-contained flats with water, electricity, water connections, bathroom, etc. facilities. This idea was well received by the then Chairman of the Shree Shantadurga Sansthan Committee and also by other well known personalities from amongst the Mahajans (Devotees whose family deity is Shree Shantadurga devi). After due discussions, Shree Shantadurga Seva Samiti (committee) was formed to start and execute the work of construction of the Agarshala after demolishing the old Agarshala and also to arrange for repairs and renovation of the Main entrance door and the Nagarkhana. This Samiti collected donations from Mahajanas of the Devi as well as from those of Shree Mangesh for meeting the construction work expenditure. The Government of Goa supported the efforts by bringing the electricity and water connections till the temple complex. The work of construction of the new Agarshala with 24 flats started on 22 January 1965 at the auspicious hands of Goudpadacharya Shree Sachidanand Swamimaharaj (Kavalem Muth). The work was completed as per schedule and the house-warming of the new Agarshala was done on Paush Shukla Saptami, Shake 1887 i.e. 30 December 1965.

Facilities at the Agrashala

The temple has a well built agarshala [guest house] of 98 self -contained flats. Each of these blocks comprise of one room and one kitchen with toilet/bathroom facilities. When the agarshala was originally built, there were only 24 flats, 12 each on the ground floor and the first floor of the building. In the recent past the agarashala was expanded and more rooms were added. At present agarshala has 24 flats each on the left and right sides of the temple (12 flats each on the ground floor and the first floor of the building) and 26 flats on the back side of the temple premises (13 flats each on the ground floor and the first floor of the building).

Shree Shantadurga devasthan agarshala was the only one of its kind among all the devasthans agarshalas in Goa which provided all the kitchen facilities to the people in the rooms like utensils, stove etc. and it also provided hot water geysers in all the bathrooms in the agarashala.

Currently the devasthan does not provide the kitchen utensils, stove etc. but the kitchen room is still there and hot water geyser facility is still available to the visitors. Along with this, the blocks are provided with 3 mattress, 3 bedsheets, 3 pillows.

Room Rent: First 3 Days - INR 100/-, Next 2 Days - INR 200/-
The rates are the same and fixed all throughout the year and also during all the utsavs.
Booking is allowed for maximum of 5 Days and further extended stay will be allowed based on availability.

The blocks are allotted only to the Mahajans/Kulavis whose Kuldaivat [ family deity ] is Shree Shantadurga Devi and for a maximum period of 5 days only. The bookings for the blocks can the done by sending an application by post or over telephone, to be followed by a money order of INR 100/- [minimum for one day] in favour of Shree Shantadurga Devasthan or to be paid at the devasthan temple itself while at the temple. This advance sent is adjusted aginst the room rent. On cancellation, there would no refunds done.

For bookings in Agarshala, postal money order may be sent at the below address or may be booked online through Credit Card facility provided through this site.

Shree Shantadurga devasthan,
post office Kavlem,
Goa. 403401.

Telephone : +91 - 832 - 2312557

The booking for the flats during Jatra utsav and Magh Panchami is required to be done 45 days in advance and during all remaining utsav seasons 30 days in advance. Since during these seasons about 1000-1500 applications are received for booking of the blocks, allotment of the flats is done by way of lottery system.

During the utsav seasons like Jatra utsav and Magh Panchami, etc., the agarshala gets fully booked. while during the monsoons it is almost vacant.

Apart from these housing facilties, the devasthan also provides a marriage hall with facility for providing lunch and a Puja/Vidhis hall and a Santarpan hall. There is also a Khanaval [canteen] which provides pure vegetarian food made in Karwari style. These facilites have been made available in the newly constructed housing building on the right hand side while entering the temple through the mahadvar.

The rate of the marriage hall is about Rs. 5700/- per day. Amount to be paid in advance. On cancellation, Amount is not refunded however it can be postponed to some other day as per the availability of the Hall. The Santarpan hall is used during the Santarpan utsav and for Puja Prasad.